Hey I'm Tee!

Good times enthusiast and memory maker!

Over user of emojis and exclamation marks!

Flavoured milk and tacos addict!

Leo x Hufflepuff.

How did I get into Photography?

I officially registered Photeegraphy back in September 2012.

I was the one in my group of friends that would always carry a digital camera around in my bag, on a standard night I'd take 200+ photos, I've always wanted to capture memories and forever remember the good times.

For my 22nd birthday my amazing, supportive friends all chucked in and brought me a canon 600d! My first baby, who served me for well over 6 years! They also gave me $150 to register a business name and start to turn my lovable hobby into something more! What choice did I have? I'm so grateful my friends gave me the push! What a journey it's been!


Images by @lion.fox.and.co & @zachtaylorphotography

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